Eva Rem Hansen
Art Historian

I am a Ph.D-candidate in Art History at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology, working on the project From earth to ashes… An inquiry into the relationship between the artistic subject and material in the early works of arte povera. I hold an MA in Art Historian from the University of Bergen, Norway. My thesis from 2008 is a theoretical study of the definition of art within specific traditions of Art History. Influenced by Thierry de Duve’s Kant after Duchamp, I discuss the approaches to art found in texts by Clement Greenberg, Joseph Kosuth and Arthur Danto. The thesis is written in Norwegian, but a short summary is available in English.

My current research interests also lies within the field of modern and contemporary art and theory – primarily Arte Povera, American art from the 60s  and 70s, contemporary painting, modernist and institutional theory of art, and various issues regarding Art History as a discipline. In 2014, I dedicated much of my time to an individual research project funded by FORART. This resulted in the article «Siste hånd på verket. Giuseppe Penones forhandlinger med omgivelsene» (The Final Touch. Giuseppe Penone’s Negotiations with the Surroundings), published in the Norwegian peer reviewed journal of Art History, Kunst og kultur (Art and Culture) no. 2, 2015. This theme issue on the reception of Arte Povera in Norway was edited by me, and also presents articles by the Norwegian scholars and curators Karin Hellandsjø, Bente Kiilerich, Maaretta Jaukkuri and Jørgen Lund. Abstracts in English are available for all articles.


I have previously worked as a freelance Art Historian, writing exhibition reviews, catalogue texts and artist interviews. Some of my texts written in or translated into English, are republished here.

I have also worked as a curator, editor and lecturer, and  organised several lectures and seminars on contemporary art and aesthetics. More information about these projects can be found in my Curriculum Vitae.

Please contact me at

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